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The Reviews Are In!

“Great book! The illustrations were amazing, this is a good way of telling a classic biblical story to children. Looking forward to the next adventure with T3, ZayBo and King!”

Although you can estimate what people think from Amazon stars and Goodreads ratings, the words of the readers like Mrs. Walker here are what stand out to me the most when I think about the impact that The Mighty Adventurers have on people. But, even if you do prefer numbers over words — no judgment here! I’ve just always been less of the mathy-type — you will find a sea of shining gold five-star reviews for the book. And, when you read the testimonials and see the reviews, you might be wondering one simple question: what is it about The Mighty Adventurers: David and Goliath that readers like you reading this blog post love so much? For that, I feel like responses from readers can speak for themselves, but I’ll add in my own flare as well. Consider it the salad with your meat and potatoes.

When I think of a book, genre aside, I would imagine that it needs great characters for readers to relate to and a fantastic world and story for those characters to exist in. Add in some fun dialogue, beautiful art, and good morals and messages, and, as sure as the sky is blue, I would call that a quality book. Now, everyone has their own definition of quality, and everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but I feel like those are the basics that most of us can agree on that make a good great for people of all ages. So, with all of that in mind, let’s see what else readers have to say about The Mighty Adventurers.

“My son (6yoa) and daughter (10yoa) absolutely love this book. I love that my children are enjoying a Bible story. They are able to stay engaged to the story and love the illustration too.”

As Jennifer Hall here puts it, one thing that her kids love about the book is how engaging the story is. In The Mighty Adventurers: David and Goliath, brothers Tim, Isaiah, and David don their superhero personas as T3, ZayBo, and King to take down the fearsome Goliath who has come to life in their family home. In the blink of an eye, three ordinary little boys become extraordinary heroes not only through their powers but their sense of family and cooperation. When they’re together, they can even take down a villain of Biblical proportions. Small yet mighty, The Mighty Adventurers weaves together an enriching tale of heroism and the importance of staying by each other’s side when the going gets tough. More than anything, the story shows how, when the ones you love could be in danger, it’s important to stand strong and keep fighting to defeat evil and let goodness prevail. For when there are brotherhood and mom’s famous banana oatmeal cookies on the line, The Mighty Adventurers can do anything.

Another important part of the book that Jennifer mentions in her review is the beautiful art that fills the book. Illustrated by the talented Jasmine Mills, The Mighty Adventurers: David and Goliath mixes both bright colors and amazing character designs to show both the might of our heroes and the fearsomeness of the villains they fight. Although I might be impartial because I love illustrations in books by default, many seem to agree with me about how well the art works with the book in a way that both readers, young and old, can enjoy. My personal favorite aspect of the art is how the characters were modeled after Erice, the author's children, giving the style of the three heroes a more personal touch. And, after you see the real-life Mighty Adventurers on our website or social media pages, you’ll realize just how true to life the art is. After all, the greatest art we can make is that which reminds us of the ones we love, in my opinion at least.

“My six-year-old daughter loves this book and so do I. We love the bible story of David and Goliath. I was amazed as to how the author recreates the story in a fresh new way that kids will enjoy over and over again. My daughter laughs so much when the giant took the baby's milk and the baby got upset. This book teaches teamwork and so much more.”

Scott Froling here points out an important part of The Mighty Adventures that makes it stand out from other children’s books like it — it is a retelling of a classic Bible story with a modern, family twist. Instead of having adults fight the monsters to protect their loved ones, here, children are able to step up to the plate and be the protectors of their families. Not only does this make the Bible story even more relatable for kids, but it also helps them imagine themselves being the one who brings down Goliath or any other monster they may come across. Now, even children can feel connected to David’s bravery as he struck down the villainous Goliath and feel that they too are able to help the ones they love when they are in need. Growing up, I know that these types of stories would help me feel more connected both spiritually and personally to the virtues of bravery and teamwork when solving a problem. Maybe not like the ones The Mighty Adventurers solve, but one that, for a typical child, felt just as unbeatable.

Scott also notes how The Mighty Adventurers: David and Goliath mixes comedy with its more serious, action-packed moments. Without giving away the story — which really needs to be read to be believed — the book balances out moments that could potentially be frightening with fun and relatable moments between the brothers that will keep children engaged and laughing along as they read. The humor also goes along with the message that the book perfectly sends: there is always light in the darkness, whether by means of humor or justice or a mix of the two. You really get a sense of the brothers’ connection to one another through their more humorous dialogue whether as normal boys or in their superhero personas, just as you understand their dynamic as they team up to take down the bad guys. And, as Scott put it, this teamwork that The Mighty Adventurers display creates a moral backbone for the story in which both the brothers’ relationship with one another and their dynamics as heroes of justice can be explored.

“What a fantastic story!! I read from so many different angles and was pleased with each!! The illustrations are fabulous!! I loved the vocabulary!! I loved the personalities of each of the children shining!! I loved the family reading together and praying! I loved so much but don't want to give it away!! You gotta get your copy today!!"

As Octavia T. here puts it, there is more to The Mighty Adventurers than meets the eye. Beneath the classic Bible story of David and Goliath sits a tale of brothers doing their best to protect each other and the rest of their family. T3, ZayBo, and King also have their personalities shine through in a way that lets readers know who they are and how their personalities will complement their powers very early on. With T3’s protective nature over his younger brothers, ZayBo’s excitement and want to go into battle, and King’s surprising bravery given his young age, their personalities both perfectly complement each other and allow them to help each other in battle.

At the same time, also as Octavia points out, reading The Mighty Adventurers proves to be an educational activity for children, not just in terms of how it teaches about classic Bible stories with good morals for children to learn, but also with how the way it is written helps aid younger and even older children with their vocabulary and reading comprehension. Learning new words and phrases has never been so fun, and without the moaning and groaning we see with school assignments, your kids will be able to learn all throughout the year. Now, with school out and summer just beginning, The Mighty Adventurers is an exciting and enticing way to keep kids’ minds active in-between time playing in the sun or relaxing and watching television. School may be over, but learning never truly stops, so, with T3, ZayBo, and King, learning both good moral lessons and important vocabulary words and phrases is fun and a breeze.

As you can probably tell by now, there are many aspects of The Mighty Adventurers that reviewers and readers both relate to, enjoy, or a mix of the two. From its fun characters and story, beautiful art, and good messages and morals, it’s easy to see why so many people love it. But, to get the full experience, you shouldn’t just take my word for it. But your own copy today!

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